I’m a graphic & motion designer from the beautiful city of Segovia.
I love to mix several disciplines to create cool stuff and get awesome projects bearing in mind always my objective: make messages clearly understandable for everyone.
Wanna grab a chat? hola@joseluissanz.net

graphic design

brand identity

motion graphics

editorial design






I’m interested in teaching and training because I think they are things that come with us in our whole life: we never stop learning.
Due to this, I have done some speeches with the objective that my experiences were useful for other people.


november 2016
University of Valladolid
How to create visual work without going nuts.

Talk about the way to follow in the creative process to create a communication work.


march 2017
Minijornadas Publicatessen
What is outside university?

Talk to Advertising & PR students about the post-university world and how to face it.