Redefining a sector leader


The clinical research process is exhaustive and high-quality work that implies lots of steps and strong standards to discover new advantages for health. Technology is key in the process, to achieve goals as well as managing the whole process. Here is where Fundanet unfolds its power: Fundanet is a management software for the clinical industry.

Developed by Semicrol (a Spanish company with more than 40 years of life), it is one of the main software for the clinical research process covering all the management needs.



The company was in an internationalization stage and Fundanet needed to upgrade its brand identity to land into new markets with a competitive identity: new clients and commercial relationships were waiting for them. This rebranding work has two main goals: first, to update the brand identity to transmit an image of a cutting-edge trustable technology company, and second, to represent that Fundanet is a modular product that fits into the client’s needs.




The brand touchpoints go from digital to print: trade shows, marketing assets, presentations, social media campaigns, internal campaigns…



Fundanet place is in the middle between technology and clinical research. Fundanet links technology and clinical research.

To represent this, an abstract visualization was searched for.


A graphic asset called «Placebo» was created as a main shape to generate visual consistency.

Fundanet is a modular product that fits the client’s needs: different products are part of Fundanet and the client chooses the ones they need. That’s why the isotype is composed of several «Placebo» shapes, representing the modularity of Fundanet.



In terms of product, a new brand hierarchy was defined to easily identify the different areas that Fundanet covers.

Fundanet’s modularity means each product can be sold separately and there was no visual identity for any of these products that Fundanet is composed of, so each module got a brand identity aligned with Fundanet’s one.


A brand endorsement was defined to connect Fundanet’s brand with each product brand to land into new markets or introduce products to new clients that didn’t know Fundanet previously.



All the visual applications of the products’ brands must look like the Fundanet brand, so color was key to differentiate them.





Client: Semicrol


Brand Identity & Project Management: José Luis Sanz Díez


Brand Identity, Project Management