Welcome to Plain Concepts

There was a need defined by the Marketing Department to introduce the company to anyone who doesn’t know it. This video would be used from the screens set up in the different offices worldwide to social media and trade fairs.

I played several roles in making this project possible with some other amazing colleagues.


Client: Plain Concepts Marketing department – María Soto Castro


Screenwriting: José Luis Sanz Díez

Motion Graphics: José Luis Sanz Díez

Art Direction: Manuel Talavera Román & José Luis Sanz Díez

Illustration: Manuel Talavera Román & Miguel Fernández Bonales aka Mike Bonales

Frames Design: Manuel Talavera Román & José Luis Sanz Díez

Cameraman: Adrián Pérez Varela (except «remote work» scene [00:46-00:50 sec])

Project Management: José Luis Sanz Díez


Motion Graphics, Project Management