Norwegian Social Media content

Social Media content created for Norwegian. Have a look at different examples!


Game of Thrones
The end of GoT was terrible for all its fans so we took the advantage to show them the opportunity to remind the series flying to different locations where GoT was filmed. This content had such an incredible welcome by our followers and Instagram congratulated us for it! See below Instagram’s comment about it:

«Unparalleled work!

Leading with heroes, brand comes in early, framed for mobile, fast cuts, short copy, clear connection to objectives. This is a great example of how the disciplines of Brand and DR grow closer together in one single ad. We call it Performance Branding and you are executing it flawlessly with this example!»



NBA London Game 2019

Norwegian sponsored the 2019 NBA match in Europe and we had the great opportunity to develop some Social Media content with legends Muggsy Bogues and Shawn Marion.



Instagram Stories

Here you can see the use of different kinds of visual content according to different marketing concepts.